Top 3 CPR-AED Training Manikins

You’ve decided to teach others to save lives and start your own CPR training business! Now, where do you start? You are going to be heavily relying on your new friends, the CPR manikins.

There are a lot of brands out there to choose from, so our blog will break down some of the most popular brands each week, so you can decide for yourself which CPR manikin is best for your business.

#1. Prestan Professional CPR Manikin (PP-AM-100)

The Prestan manikins are fairly new to the market, but they’re one of the most popular choices for training professionals worldwide. The optional CPR Monitor is unique to Prestan, and truly revolutionizes the way we teach CPR.

Installed in the shoulder on the Child and Adult manikins, and in the diaper of the baby manikin, the visual cue of the monitor helps the student and the teacher evaluate their progress in real time. The manikins also provide audible feedback when performing compression’s correctly in the form of a ‘click.’ This instant feedback can help instructors monitor their students much more easily and efficiently than before.

Face shield/lung bag combos are becoming more standard in the market, and Prestan is once again at the top of the class. This combo allows easy clean-up and less pieces to buy and carry around for instructors. The sides of each face shield attach to bolts on either side of the manikins head, for easy installation and removal. For sharing manikins, I would suggest buying some practice face shields with a one way valve, as they are cheap and come in bulk. Each student can have their own shield to use during the class, allowing the instructor to simply change the lung bag at the end of class, instead of after every student.

The Prestan manikins are equipped to be used with ANY AED trainer on the market today. The manikins come in three skin tones: Light, medium, and dark, and come with or without the CPR Monitor. They come individually, in a convenient four pack, or in a “Family Pack,” consisting of an adult manikin, a child manikin, and an infant manikin.

In Conclusion

PROS: Visual CPR Rate Monitor, realistic features, comes in 3 skin tones.
CONS: Jaw thrust option is not included on the standard manikin.

#2. CPR Prompt Adult/Child CPR Manikin (TMAN1)

The CPR Prompt manikins are Nasco product, a trusted name in the CPR field. There are two main draws to these manikins:

  1. They come in a race neural blue (or tan for added realism).
  2. You can teach Adult AND Child techniques on this manikin.

These manikins do not provide the realism that Prestan does, but they make up for it with these added features, I believe. Prestan and CPR Prompt are both excellent CPR Manikins and they are around the same price point. Both feature realistic anatomical markings, an audible “click” when compressions are done correctly, and the new face-shield lung-bags.


The face-shield lung-bags are great, but does take some instructions to insert. I’ve screen capped them and added them (above), so you can see that while it is not rocket science, it does take a second to learn.

Just like the Prestan manikins, they come in convenient packs. The options are much more versatile in terms of quantity and variety than with Prestan.

These manikins are made out of foam, and while that presents no obstacles in the way of CPR training, it does present some when moving on to AED training. Nasco recommends you only use “foam style” AED training pads on their manikins, like these:

  • Medtronic Physio-Control Style (LF06501U)
  • Heartstream Style (LF06502U)
  • Survivalink Style (LF06503U)

In Conclusion

PROS: Race neutral in blue, Adult/Child switch saves you money.
CONS: Insertion tool is required, only use “foam style” training pads when AED training.

#3. Laerdal Little Anne CPR Manikin

The Leardal Little Anne Manikin is probably the most famous manikin of all time! The famous Michael Jackson song, “Smooth Criminal” was even inspired by this CPR manikin.


This is the manikin for you if you are looking for that added touch of realism. It has all the benefits of Prestan and CPR Prompt, plus the added bonus of hyper realism. The standard features are included: “click” on correct depth compression, head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust, and removable lung-bags.

The Little Anne manikins come in four packs and in two different skin tones.

In Conclusion

PROS: Heightened realism, trusted quality and durability.
CONS: Price point, heavier than other manikins.

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